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Amaro Salento

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It is a tasty and pleasant liqueur with over 40 herbs and roots

The origins

The origins

Around the middle of the last century the production of homemade liqueurs and spirits was a very common activity in Salento, an agricultural world where buying distillates was quite unusual.  In some bars you could taste, in particular, bitter liqueurs made by craftsmen from the infusion of local herbs and roots and used to spike coffee.

The “correction” spirit

The “correction” spirit

A funny anecdote tells that a Franciscan friar of the convent of the  Minor Friars of Cupertino, encouraged the bar holders, that spiked coffee with homemade liqueurs, to use them not only for coffee but also for their thoughts and actions! This exhortation was for every customer, who sipped his spiked coffee,  to think consciously about which side of himself he had to modify to become a better person.

Key features of the product Amaro Salento

100% made in Salento

Amaro Salento

Ancient and modern tastes


Amaro Salento


Recently the Mazzotta family, owner of the company Amaro Salento, after a thorough study and motivated by love for their land, has intended to retrace the ancient and homemade tradition by creating a completely new and modern version of a bitter liqueur that includes over 45 herbs, roots (including Aloe Vera) peel, bark, seeds, flowers and rhizomes with a low alcohol content (30 °). The result is a tasty and pleasant liqueur to be preferably served chilled or in creative cocktails. 

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Amaro Salento

The plants

More Amaro more Love

Most of the plants possess ancient virtues and for this reason they are used in a variable amount depending on their use. Many plants used for Amaro Salento are defined “healing herbs” because they contain active ingredients with digestive properties. It is also very important the way they are collected and conserved in order to maintain their best properties.

The plants used for the preparation of infusions must also maintain their aromatic properties. The most suitable extraction technique allows to better express the complexity of their mixtures previously selected.


The plants used to produce Amaro Salento are accompanied by an analysis report (microbiological, chemical: pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals ..); subsequently they undergo compliance checks in laboratory and finally they are stored in a special warehouse. 

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Amaro Salento



The recipe of Amaro Salento is secret. It is a synthesis of ancient typical formulas of the most genuine tradition of Salento, expertly prepared and refined in order to reach a balanced and harmonious elixir, tasty and pleasing to every palates.

Ricetta Amaro Salento Italia


The preparation of Amaro Salento consists in weighing and mixing  the plants according to the ancient recipe. They are later poured into a solution of  water and alcohol and macerated for 2 weeks.

After this period the mixture is pressed and the liquid collected is  mixed with some vanilla extracts, essential oils and natural flavoring substances that strengthen and customize the product.

It Follows a phase called “ageing”: is a waiting period during which the extract softens and achieves its aromatic harmony by depositing the fibers.

At the end of this phase the product is ready to be used for the preparation of the final drink that must be  left to age a few weeks to achieve its best flavor.

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